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How to check the concrete batching plant regularly?


Concrete batching plant is composed of concrete mixer, cement silo, concrete batching machine, control system, concrete delivery pump, screw conveyor, cement weighing system and other concrete batching plant accessories. Bona concrete mixer plant machinery will offer a concrete batching plant operation and management introduction.


First of all, before the integrated planning of concrete mixing batch plant, users should comprehensively observe the influence of electric power, oil pump for lubrication system, water source, material source and shortcut on the concrete batching plant site selection. 

Second, the concrete supply areas of concrete batching plant should be check first to finally confirm the land area of concrete batching plant according to the models of concrete batching plant and the required quantity of concrete. 


Third, the labor force arranged in the concrete batching plant should be assigned fairly to prevent that unfair assignment of labor force will affect the concrete mixing plant production efficiency.


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