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How to select the feeding mode of cement mixing plant equipment


The equipment of the cement mixing plant has a variety of feeding methods such as lifting bucket and inclined belt feeding. On the whole, there is no difference in the working process no matter which feeding method is adopted, but there are great differences in the specific working process of dry powder mortar equipment, which is usually difficult for users to choose by themselves. So what kind of feeding method should be adopted for the equipment of cement mixing plant? Next, Bona will give you a brief introduction on how to correctly select the feeding method in the.
1、 Vacuum forming of batching scale covers an area of. From the aspect of floor area, the advantages and disadvantages of dry powder mortar feeding equipment. The lifting bucket makes the aggregate scattering very serious, and the dry powder mortar equipment has a large floor area for the inclined belt feeding.
2、 Investment cost. If the lifting bucket is used for the equipment of the cement mixing plant, the investment is very small, and the equipment of the inclined belt cement mixing plant will have a relatively large investment. We need to choose it in combination with our actual economic situation.
3、 Maintenance costs. Although the lifting bucket has a relatively small floor area, its maintenance cost is twice that of inclined belt feeding.
4、 Advantages and disadvantages of feeding. The lifting bucket causes serious aggregate spreading, and the inclined belt feeding is relatively stable.


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