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The role of concrete mixer mixing arm


Mixing arm is one of the parts on the concrete mixer, many users do not understand it after the purchase and installation, they are curious about how to use the mixing arm, what is the role of the mixing arm, the following small to share the role of the concrete mixer mixing arm, let's learn about it.
The role of concrete mixer mixing arm.
Forced concrete mixer includes a mixing cylinder, the mixing cylinder is equipped with a mixing shaft, the two end walls of the mixing cylinder at the mixing shaft are installed with a side arm for cleaning the end wall surface, the two side arms between the mixing shaft on the midpoint of each side of a set of spiral arrangement of mixing arms, two groups of mixing arms in the axial arrangement are from the end arm to the middle arm, the arrangement in the direction of rotation is evenly distributed in the end arm to the middle arm, the top of each mixing arm has a fixed mixing blade, the two side arms in the direction of rotation are behind the end arm of the mixing arm on the same side of the arrangement.
The mixing arm itself is divided into side mixing arm (positive and negative) and middle mixing arm (also positive and negative), underneath the mixing arm is the connecting tile seat, connected with 4 sets of mixing arm high strength bolts. Above is the installation of wear-resistant mixing blades, connected with 2 sets of high-strength bolts for mixing blades. In addition, some manufacturers have designed a stirring party sticky shaft ring, which is installed at intervals between the stirring arms in two ways: fixed and rotating.
The position of the side arm in the direction of rotation of the overall mixing arm layout is withdrawn so that it lags behind the end arm of the mixing arm group on the same side, so that in actual operation, the side arm has less resistance to work, no cutting and grinding between the mixing cylinder, so that the durability of the side arm is improved, and the driving force required for the mixing shaft is reduced, so that a small power motor can be assembled to reduce manufacturing costs and energy consumption accordingly.


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