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What impact will the work intensity have on the concrete mixing plant equipment


The workload of the concrete mixing plant should be controlled within a reasonable range, otherwise it will cause some failures. Today, I will explain the impact of too much work intensity on the concrete mixing plant equipment.
  First, the machine internal back due to excessive work intensity and too much expansion, which will reduce the ability of the mixing plant to mix cement, but also affect the normal work of the progress order of mixing.
  On the other hand, the late solution to this rising belly problem, will also have a very big impact on the quality of mineral fraction and fineness and other follow-up operations, resulting in normal work can not be carried out smoothly.
  Second, if the equipment is working more intensely and working more frequently, it will lead to the hot rise up inside the concrete mixing plant, the concrete mixing plant internal because of too much expansion will and will cause damage to the mixer, and in serious cases will roll out large pieces of sand cement and steel balls from the inlet and outlet. For forced concrete mixing plant, a large amount of ore stone blocks and steel ball slurry may overflow from the feed.
  The above two conditions will seriously damage the gears and bearings, leading to the reduction of the service life of the concrete mixing plant.


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