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Fear of shaft clamping? Choose this double horizontal shaft mixer will be no problem


In fact, if you choose our double horizontal shaft mixer, there is no such problem, we have changed the design of the double horizontal shaft mixer, which greatly improves the problem of holding the shaft.
Redesign of feeding device
The inlet of cement, fly ash and other powder is located between the two mixing shafts. In order to let the powder enter better, our double horizontal shaft mixer is specially designed so that the powder can avoid the mixing shafts and enter the position between the two mixing shafts when discharging, which prevents the cement from accumulating in the cylinder.
Water supply system redesign
The flushing point of our double horizontal shaft mixer is carefully designed to ensure that the water supply system can fully clean the inside of the double horizontal shaft mixer when cleaning, especially the key position to ensure that no concrete residue remains, and the special pressurized pump is added when cleaning to improve the cleaning efficiency.
Effective volume redesign
In the double horizontal shaft mixer, the volume utilization rate largely affects the mixing efficiency and discharging volume, the mixing spindle should be submerged below the concrete when mixing, the concrete on the surface of the shaft can not be solidified because it can not be mixed, thus effectively solving the hazard of holding.
Mixing arm redesign
The design of double horizontal shaft mixer arm arrangement form can speed up the frequency of the material axial large circulation movement, while increasing the material reasonable countercurrent, so as to increase the opportunity of direct contact between the material and the mixing blade and the occurrence of forced action, to eliminate the mixing inefficiency zone and improve the mixing quality.


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