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How to maintain the concrete batching plant in summer


 Many medium and large machinery and equipment are very expensive to purchase, so necessary maintenance and maintenance are necessary, especially Concrete Mixers. How to maintain the Concrete Mixer in the hot and rainy summer to make it operate normally is a problem that many engineering users are very concerned about. Next, Zeyu Heavy Industry will introduce to you the maintenance methods of the concrete mixer in summer.
1. In summer, the weather is hot and humid, and the suction pipe of the concrete mixer, the circumference of the casing, and the inner lever are easy to rust, so it is necessary to check and apply anti-rust paint in time.
2. Do a good job in the heat dissipation of the concrete mixer, especially the heat dissipation of the mixing tank and the reducer. Try to put the mixer in a ventilated place, reduce exposure to the sun, and arrange the working hours of the concrete mixer reasonably.

3. Pay attention to check and adjust the tension of the mixer belt and the tightness of the bolts in the hot summer.

4. Do a good job of preventing rain, especially the wires and plugs where the mixer is connected to electricity. For safety, please cut off the power of the mixer in time.
5. In summer, the temperature is high and the water evaporates quickly. Therefore, the concrete in the mixing barrel should be cleaned immediately after the concrete mixer is working. Cut off the power to prevent leakage) to prevent the concrete from solidifying in the drum, which will affect the working performance and service life of the mixer.
6. Frequently check the lubrication of the mixer shaft. It is best to lubricate with grease once a week.



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