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Diesel concrete mixer, reversible concrete mixer


 Diesel concrete mixer from Bona absorbed advanced technology from home and abroad has some special characteristics that other concrete mixers cannot take place, such as its easily movable between sites, diesel engine, compact structure, higher reliability, mixing evenly and etc.

Bona diesel concrete mixer features:
1.Diesel concrete mixer is equipped with a reversible drum which rotates clockwise for mixing and anticlockwise for discharging so that it is also called reversible concrete mixer.
2.Diesel concrete mixer produced by the professional concrete mixer manufacturer Bona are suitable for mixing plastic and low-slump concrete. 
3.Bona diesel concrete mixer adds a water pump for water circulation between water tank of the engine and the radiator to keep the engine water temperature to be stable, remove the air sucking point from the back to the front and reduce to suck the dust. Only in this way, can we hope it will have a long service life of the engine.


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