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The new direction of intelligent greening development of large - scale mixing station Ⅱ


The new direction of intelligent greening development of large - scale mixing station 

Second, for large mixing stations, the main purpose is to produce high quality commercial concrete. Therefore, the selection of raw materials is also particularly important. With the growing demand for environmental protection equipment, equipment, the selection of raw materials have also been a certain impact. In terms of additives, should use fly ash, slag, slag, carbide slag and other industrial solid waste instead of the traditional special coarse powder mill processing consumption. Second, the aggregate, the relevant industries can also be reused to achieve the full use of resources, and to achieve the purpose of resource conservation.
Moreover, in the large-scale mixing plant equipment control, should be further reform, to achieve a comprehensive intelligence, so as to liberate manpower. The development of the times, fully automated equipment is the inevitable development. In order to have a seat in the concrete machinery industry, the control system of human nature, intelligent indispensable.


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