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Introduction of Operation Control System for Concrete Mixing Station


Introduction of Operation Control System for Concrete Mixing Station

Concrete mixing station operation control system has three kinds of control methods, distributed computer control, centralized computer control, centralized dual computer control; At present, the concrete mixing station configuration is mainly centralized dual computer operating control system. Concrete mixing station centralized dual-computer operation control system, the use of industrial control computer, I / O acquisition and high-precision weighing system, according to the concrete production process and quality requirements, through the control software for data acquisition and production of automatic control, and real- Record production data information, the use of data management can query / print a variety of production reports. The system hardware configuration science, the selection is reasonable, the overall stability of good performance, powerful, has a number of performance advantages: 1, run automation equipment to achieve automatic mixing plant equipment, improve equipment production efficiency; in addition to automatic water content conversion function 3, the high precision of the ingredients with automatic replacement, automatic deduction and automatic adjustment of ingredients parameters, improve the accuracy of ingredients 4, the number of batches of the total number of votes can be automatically converted to reduce the workload and misuse of the possibility of 3, High reliability and reliable operation, compact structure 5, simple operation System provides automatic, single automatic two modes of operation. Automatic mode, no human intervention, the computer automatically complete all the ingredients process, and real-time printing.


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