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The characteristic of YHZS series of concrete batching plant



The characteristic of YHZS series of concrete batching plant



YHZS series of concrete ready mix plant is BONA ENTERPRISE for the construction period is short, the construction line length, frequent transition of the user design and development of concrete mixing equipment. The model is compact, small footprint, easy installation, high degree of automation, widely used in China's road and bridge, construction, water conservancy, electricity and other infrastructure construction.


Second, the main features of the product:
1, removable fast, easy to move
In addition to external equipment such as screw conveyor, cement warehouse, the mixing station all the wiring are not removed, just 30 tons of crane with a day can be removed after the shift. Installation, such as the ground is solid and solid, can be no basis, the day can be in place production, the requirements of the unit is very suitable for the duration. The same time as the above-The dry mix concrete batch plant is equipped with tires and traction pins to allow trailers to tow up to a maximum speed of 60 km / h. Mixing station all equipment total weight of 23.5 tons, all the attachments with the station when the station removed.
2, excellent mixing performance
The use of forced double horizontal shaft mixer, you can use the shortest mixing time to achieve uniform mixing. For dry hard, semi-dry hard, plastic and a variety of concrete can be completed with a good mix.
3, configuration high-grade, high reliability, accurate measurement, easy to operate
The main components of the main engine reducer, metering sensor, and control system are imported components, which not only greatly reduces the failure rate of the equipment, but also improves the measurement accuracy of the equipment.
dry mix concrete batching plant using computer control, both automatic and manual operation, simple operation, easy to master. Dynamic panel display, can clearly understand the operation of the various components, and can store, print the report data for the production scheduling management provides a great convenience.



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