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New technology concrete mixing plant on the line


New technology concrete mixing plant on the line

Cement manufacturing plant can be stirred out of various types of high-quality concrete, suitable for large-scale construction, hydropower, highway bridges and other projects with large prefabricated plants and commercial concrete production plant.

1. BONA production of cement plant host for the double horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer, stirring good quality and high efficiency;
2. Combination of modular structure, installation and removal is very convenient;
3. Aggregate use batching machine ingredients, weighing accurate, high production efficiency;
4. Cement, water, liquid admixture of the ingredients are electronic scale measurement, high precision ingredients;
5. Aggregate material with large angle or small angle belt conveyor, long life, high efficiency;
6. All the core components of the electrical control system are imported, the performance is reliable, the operation is easy to use, there are printing function, with air conditioning;
7.concrete admixture mixing plant cost is low, there is a high cost.


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